Community Resources During COVID-19

Community Resources Community Resources During COVID-19

Hello Bellflower Middle/High School family!

We hope that you are doing well despite the unprecedented challenges we are facing. As we await to see what unfolds, we are compiling a list of resources that are available for students, families, and community members. We hope that these resources, links, and information are helpful as we navigate this journey. As with everything else in life, collaboration and teamwork is always better because we are #BetterTogether. Together we will get through this difficult time and we will look back at our response and hopefully be proud of the steps we took.

If you have any other resources or information that would be helpful, please email them to Mr. Gil Castañeda at

We're in this together, Because Unity Creates Success!

~The Bellflower Middle/High School Administrative Team (Mr. Lundgren, Mr. Castañeda, Mr. Espinosa, Mrs. Whitney)

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