Cerritos Complete Promise Information

ccCerritos Complete Promise Program

Seniors- Are you interested in the Cerritos Complete program with two years free tuition by completing the 6 eligibility steps? If so, the first step is the Summer 2022 application due on February 28th. Wednesday Workshops during PRIDE Time will be held to help you with the steps. Sign up on FlexiSched under College and Career Center. Can’t make it to the Wednesday Workshops? You can meet virtually with the Cerritos Rep on Thursdays from 5pm-6:30pm. Link is available in the Cerritos Complete Google Classroom with class code 44ssw3h.  The Cerritos Complete Google Classroom is for seniors only. 

Cerritos Complete/Bellflower High School website with the 6 steps and deadlines: https://www.cerritos.edu/cerritos-complete/Bellflower.htm
Cerritos College Liaison/Maddy Fletcher: mfletcheruranga@cerritos.edu