Daily COVID Student Screener

Fever Free

Starting on Monday, May 17th, all students who are coming to campus for in-person learning must use the Fever Free app to complete their daily COVID screener.  

Download the Fever Free app and follow these directions below to create an account:

1. Open the app and click "Create an Account"

2. Fill in your child's name and school email address       (you do not need to include a phone number)

3. Create a password

4. Click "Create Account"

5. Read thorugh the Welcome screen and check mark the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

6. Click "Allow" to enable in-app notifications

Once you do this you are ready to use the app!  If you need any more information on how to create an account, click on the link below:

BUSD Fever Free App Directions

Staff will be monitoring the Fever Free app at the gate and anyone without a completed daily screener will not be allowed through the gate.