Canceled events

Canceled Events 

Hello Stephen Foster Families,

Given the closure of our district due to the COVID-19 we are also canceling some of our school and PTA events to ensure our students' and community's safety and well being.

Cancelled events:
Grandparents Day                                                    Talent Show
6th grade Apple bee's fundraiser
Fun Run fundraiser: PTA will be posting a read-a-thon activity on the website.
Book Fair on school grounds, however you can still order online until March 20th.
GATE Band Concert
Gate field trip to Catalina.
All scheduled field trips in the month of March.

For more information on PTA events you can visit the PTA website @

We will give more information for future events when we return.
Be safe and see you all on April 20th.

Thank you

Mrs. Castillo