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Students Recognized by ACSA Regions 14

Student Success Celebrated by ACSA

Our student Alexis Martinez was recognized by ACSA Region 14 as an Every Student Succeeding.  The event celebrated ACSA region 14 students and the school staff that have helped them overcome challenges and succeed in school.

Alexis transferred to Mayfair during the 2nd semester of her 10th grade year. She came from a charter high school, but was previously in a home hospital education setting as a 9th grader because she was battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She quickly fit in, made very good friends, and became actively involved in different areas of campus. Alexis and her family have always been diligent about coming to school, completing her work, and working hard despite the challenges she has had to overcome. She is an extremely resilient student who has overcome huge challenges. She is a fighter, always with a positive attitude. As of this November, she reached her thre year milestone of being Cancer-Free.