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BUSD Fiscal Information

I know there is concern that BUSD is in financial distress.  This is not the case.  

The District prevailed today against LACOE's action for immediate intervention.  

The Courts denied all relief requested by the County.  The District is allowed to continue to operate as a fiscally independent District, the District will continue to provide fiscal information in the manner that it has in the past and was approved under fiscal independence, the District is not required to allow the fiscal advisor into BUSD and the District is able to continue to pay all of its financial obligations. The court has allowed the County an opportunity to amend their complaint, but as of today, BUSD has prevailed on all counts. 

This is only round one, of what will be a long process there are still other legal actions before the Court. 

For those that believe this is a waste of taxpayers money, it is. The County is using your money to go after BUSD, and BUSD is having to defend itself from the County’s false claims.  This is a money grab by the County.   

As always, BUSD is in an extremely strong financial position, and the Los Angeles County Office of Education knows this.