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Frequently Asked Questions

What ability test is used for GATE identification?

The Naglieri Non-verbal Ability Test Version 3 (NNAT3) is a non-verbal assessment of general cognitive ability without reliance on language or motor skills.  It measures reasoning and problem solving progressive matrices with shapes and designs that are not unique to any cultural group.  The NNAT3 is an abilities test, not an achievement test, and is administered online.  Unlike achievement tests such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test, the NNAT3 does not measure how much a student has learned.  Instead it focuses on a student's ability to display cognitive abilities that research has associated with academic success.  It is not necessary for students to prepare for the test.  There are no workbooks or study guides to prepare for the test. 

Students have 30 minutes to answer the 48 questions on the NNAT3.  The test is administered on Chromebooks for all students.

My child was GATE identified in another school district. Will he/she be GATE identified in BUSD?

When enrolling your child in the appropriate school, please be sure to indicate your child's placement in GATE in your previous district.  If you have aptitude test scores, please provide this information to the school as well.  Your child will be admitted into the BUSD GATE program.

Will my elementary student need to be reevaluated upon entering secondary school?

No, once a child is identified for GATE in BUSD, the designation remains through grade 12.

If a Student is identified but chooses not to participate, is the identification status lost?

Placement of GATE identified students is recommended; however, students who do not participate for a period of time do not lose their identification status.