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Art on the Gogh – discover the works of famous artists such as Picasso & Frida Kahlo and create two & three-dimensional media using pencil, paint & oil.

Comic Book Creators: Superheroes – brainstorm and create your own superhero story  and get to keep a professionally edited and put together comic book

Creative Sculpture –make figurines, mosaic, and multi-media sculptures while learning about famous sculptors like Jeffery Koons, Kenneth Price & Walter Furlan.

Code Crafters – understand the basic concepts in computer coding through a hands-on step by step process to build a robot droid using Little Bits & Scratch technology

Epic Engineering – design & build mechanical structures, experiment with forces, learn how to change potential energy into mechanical energy and understand the basic concepts of engineering. 

Graphic Design – create different prototyping projects and learn about design concepts used in graphic arts

Illustration Station – develop your artistic skills and learn the techniques used in professional sketching, creative writing and drawing.

Kids Cooking Academy: Cool as a Cucumber - Spotlighting no cook dishes, prepare Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, Thai Spring Rolls, Kid Friendly Tiramisu, Antipasto & more

Kids Cooking Academy: Ready, Set, Cook - explore different recipes each week such as Italian Focaccia Sandwiches, No Bake Energy bites & more while gaining an understanding about nutrition & cooperation skills.

Lego Masters – work in teams, solve problems & create solutions while exploring your creativity using Lego bricks.

Rocket Racers – focusing on Aerodynamic forces, concepts, & prototype building- construct  different types of rockets using lessons on force, lift, balance, engine design and more. 

Robot Building Workshop – build awesome robots to take home (the Tin Can Robot, Doodling Robot & the Dragon Robot*) and learn about engineering principles such as levers, pulleys, & inclined planes

Robot Workshop: Green Science – discover  alternative energy sources that make our planet greener like wind, water & solar power as you build windmills, solar boats, hydro-cars and more.

Sewing & Embroidery – learn how to hand sew, embroider, patch and embellish clothing.  Create projects like felt coin bags, mini apple pillows & calico/plaid bears.

TechKidz: Video Game Design – design and modify your own arcade style video game using Roblox, Hopscotch, Spolder and more.