• Bellflower USD Logo The following certificated positions are available at Bellflower Unified School District.  To apply for these positions, select the Apply button next to the position you are interested in.

    Elementary - None at this time.


    7-12th Grade Math Teacher

         Click here to apply for the 7-12th grade math position.


    7th Grade Modern World History BCLAD/BASP Spanish

         Click here to apply for the Grade 7 Social Sccience BCLAD/BASP Spanish position.

    English - LEA Position

         Click here to apply for the English - ELA position

    BAE - None at this time.

    Adult Transition Center - None at this time.

    Las Flores Home Educational Center/Independent Study Academy - None at this time.

    District Office - None at this time.

    Head Start Preschool - None at this time.

    Career Technical Education - None at this time.

    Substitute Teacher - Click the button below to apply.

                     Click hre to apply for the substitute teacher position.

    District Nurse - Click the botton below to apply.

                    Click here to apply for the District Nurse position.