• General Information

    The BUSD Dual Immersion program is grounded in research and designed by experienced and knowledgeable staff for students to develop bilingual/biliterate skills in English and Spanish while attaining grade level standards as well as 21st century skills.  Through continuous reflection, refinement, and collaboration with the dual language community, the program strives to meet the goal of bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural competencies.

    BUSD offers the Dual Immersion Program at Washington Elementary and the Intensive Learning Center (ILC).  For further information on the program at Washington, please contect Dr. Angelica Montelongo at 562-804-6536.  For more inforamtion on the program offered at ILC, please contact Ms. Beverly Swanson at 562-804-6513.

    BUSD Path to Biliteracy Criteria

    Please take a moment to review the documents listed below for more information on our biliteracy criteria.

    Preschool Biliteracy

    Kindergarten Biliteracy

    1st Grade Biliteracy

    2nd Grade Biliteracy

    3rd Grade Biliteracy


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