• Technical Support

    Below you will find a few tips to help you when using district equipment checked out from your school site.  Please note, there are two types of equipment that may have been checked out to you.  The first type is an HP Chromebook, and the color of it will be black or white.  The second type of device is an HP Stream, and these devices are blue.  When using this resource, please be sure to use the information for the appropriate device as each one has a slightly different approach to using it on your home WiFi network.

    Using Chromebooks Checked out from Your School Site

    1. First connect the Chromebook to your home WiFi network.  You can learn how to do this by visiting the Google Chromebook website.
    2. Once connected, the student will need to log in to the Chromebook using their District email account and password.  If your child does not know this information, please contact their teacher for help with this.
    3. On the Chromebooks, initially you will see a SchoolCity login option.  Please DO NOT use this option for your child to log in.  This log in option has access to a very limited number of websites, and your child will not be able to access any of the educational content provided by the District or their teachers on this login.  There will also be an Add Account option.  Students should click on this option.  Once they click on this option, it will allow them to log in with their student email account and password.  If your child does not know their student email account and password, please reach out to your child's teacher for this information.
    4. Now that they are logged in, students will have full access to the Internet as well as their GSuite apps for education.

    Using HP Streams Checked out from Your School Site

    1. First, log in to the device using the generic account provided by your school site.  If you do not have the log in information, please contact your school site to obtain it.
    2. Next, connect the HP Stream to your home Wifi network.  You can learn how to do this by visiting the WindowsCentral website.
    3. Once connected to your home WiFi network, students will be able to browse the Internet.
    4. To access their GSuite apps for education, students will need to open a chrome browser and browse to mail.google.com.  Once on this website, they can use their student email address and password to log in.  After logging in, they will have full access to their GSuite apps for education.  If your child does not know their log in information, please contact your child's teacher.

    I am having difficulty logging in to the Chromebook  

    Try restarting your Chrome book by following the steps below.

    1. Shut down chromebook (click on “shutdown” in the bottom left corner.) Restart Chromebook after shutdown is complete.
    2. Once restarted, click “Add Person” in the bottom left corner.
    3. If it is not connected to Wifi, it will ask you to complete Wifi connection. Select home wifi and input password.
    4. Once connected to Wifi, it will ask you to sign into the Chromebook. Use your student’s s.busd.k12.ca.us email and password to complete sign on.
    5. Chrome should work after this

    It looks like I'm logged in, but I can't browse to any websites.

    1. Log off or shut down the Chromebook.
    2. After completing step 1, you should be back at the home screen.
    3. Select Add User at the bottom.  Do NOT  select the School City icon in the center of the screen. if you do this, just log off to return to the main screen.   
    4. Sign in using your school Gmail account. 
    5. Click the Google icon in the bottom center of the screen.

    Image showing where to locate Add User Option.

    Logging into Google Classroom 

    You MUST be signed into the student’s s.account. If you are logged into another account, you may switch accounts in the top right corner, click the profile picture and select the account or add the account. If you child logged in to a District Chromebook, then they are already logged in to their Google account and omly need to open the Chrome web browser.

    1.  Open Google 

    2.  Once Google is open click on the waffle at the top right of screen.

    Image showing Google waffle icon.

    3.  Click on the Google Classroom icon or go to classroom.google.com.

    Image showing Google Classroom icon.

    4.  You can join by either entering a class code sent to you by your teacher or accepting the invite directly on the Google classroom page.  To join with a code, select the plus sign in the top right corner.

     Image showing whereto find join class option.

    5.  Enter class code in the box.  Class codes are 6-7 characters, and use numbers and letters only, no spaces or symbols.

    Joining a Google Meet 

    1. You must be signed into the student’s s.account on a Cromebook or Chrome browser.
    2. Your teacher should send you a link to click that will allow you to join the Meet. It will be through an email or a link on Google Classroom.  Click “Join”.

    I don’t know my child’s sign in information

    For younger children, or those who have forgotten,  your child’s email and password was shared by their school site and is available on Parent Portal. It can be seen under the Student Info > Demographics > Student Data 2 tab.  The information in the Network Login ID box is the password.

    Image showing where to obtain student login information in Parent Portal.

    If you do not have a Parent Portal account, sign up here.