• I am honored to be part of the Intensive Learning Center as the Assistant Principal.  I was welcomed to the ILC community earlier this school year and have had the opportunity to meet and engage with parents, students, and staff. I currently provide support at both ILC and Washington Elementary, and I look forward to building meaningful and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders in the Bellflower Unified School District.  

    My career started in the East Whittier City School District thirteen years ago. I have been an  elementary and middle school teacher, Language Development Leader, and administrative designee. As a teacher and leader, I hold an expectation of success for every learner. In my experience, both parental and community involvement are essential to a successful classroom and school environment. It is my belief that students should be given the opportunity to develop into lifelong learners through a positive, engaging, and caring learning environment. Working collaboratively with teachers and curriculum leaders, I will strive to discover solutions that better serve students and their specific needs.

    As a member of the ILC school community, I am excited to support families in preparing our ILC students for their future.  My goal is to meet the needs of our students through various educational opportunities, such as:

    • Dual Language Immersion Program, which provides instruction in both Spanish and English, begins at our State Preschool and continues from kindergarten through fifth grade
    • Traditional class instruction in English (preschool through 6th grade)
    • Whitewood Preschool, SDC Kindergarten, RSP and Speech services to meet the needs of our Special Education students
    • STEAM lessons and experiments

    Working together, "we build futures” and will help our Eagles SOAR!

    Patricia Arroyo

    Assistant Principal

    Intensive Learning Center