• My name is Ms. Marybel Hernandez, and I am the Counselor at the Intensive Learning Center.

    As a school counselor, I help set the tone and build the foundation for developing knowledge, attitudes, and skills for becoming healthy, confident, successful, life-long learners by assisting students in three domains of development:

    • Personal and Social Growth
    • Academic Success
    • College and Career Exploration

    Counseling Services Provided:

    Individual and group counseling is available to students with social, emotional, or academic needs. I work together with parents and staff in assisting students to be successful in school and with life skills.

    Conflict mediation between students help them to respectfully share feelings, understand the other's perspective, and settle differences, in order to focus more on learning and academic tasks. 

    Counseling services include classroom based lessons on teaching important skills, such as: conflict resolution, bully prevention, career awareness, problem solving, and communication skills.

    I also serve as an outside resource link to help coordinate and obtain outside counseling and supports for families.

    Additional Counselor's Responsibilities:

    • Participate in SST and IEP meetings
    • Organize and facilitate the implementation of PBIS
    • Organize Student Leadership
    • Monitor attendance in relation to student sucess

    It’s easy for students to visit and talk with the Counselor!

    Students can ask to visit the Counselor by leaving a note with the front office. They can come to room 10 (Counseling Office) with their teacher’s permission during recesses. Teachers may recommend students visit with me. Parents can also request a meeting. The Principal may suggest that I meet with students, or I might send a note inviting a student to my office.  If ongoing sessions appear to be needed, parents will be given a consent form to agree to services.  

    As ILC's Counselor, I am here to help all students have a successful school year!

    Parents are free to contact me with any questions or concerns, by:

    ♥ Call the school office and ask to be transferred to the Counseling Office

    ♥ Send a note with your child to school, addressed to Ms. Marybel Hernandez

    ♥ Let your child’s teacher know that you would like to speak with me

    I look forward to working with you and your child to ensure a very successful and fun school year!