• Message from the Principal

    Dear Woodruff Families

    As we approach Thanksgiving I would like to take a moment to share how grateful I am to be part of the Woodruff Family. I enjoy watching our Woodruff Scholars learning something new every day.

    Earlier this year, you had the opportunity to conference with your child’s teacher.  On November 9th, you will receive your child’s first-trimester report card. This is a wonderful opportunity to take some time to sit down together with your child and discuss strengths and challenges and develop new goals for the 2nd trimester.  Review the report card and visit the California standards which can be found online on the Sacramento Office of Education County website (just click on this link). Together with your child, develop specific goals and create a plan to achieve those goals. Helping your child identify his or her academic strengths and areas for improvement can help them take responsibility for their own learning and success.

    Remember, that your child’s teacher is always available to assist you in helping them master the grade level standards. They are here to assist in helping your student become a successful learner while providing you with the support and materials you need. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

    Wishing you joyful holidays!


    Evelyne Almada, M.Ed.



    Message from the Counselor 

    To our  Wolves!

    This year at Woodruff Elementary we will be teaching our students about Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is the belief that every student can achieve success through dedication and hard work. Students who embrace a Growth Mindset believe they can learn more and become smarter if they work hard and persevere. They view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve their learning and skills. Here are a few ways students can begin to develop of Growth Mindset in the classroom:

    Instead of saying…   I give up!

    Try saying…              I will use a different strategy.

    Instead of saying…   I can’t make this any better.

    Try saying…              I can always improve.

    Instead of saying…   This is too hard.

    Try saying…              This may take some time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Stay Positive and make wise choices,

    Ms. Bond, School Counselor

  • Message from the PTA President 

    Welcome to 2018-2019 school year                                 

    My name is Lupe Valdivia-Gomez and this year I have the pleasure of serving you not only as your Case Manager but also as your PTA President.  I have been with BUSD since 2000, not only as an employee but as a parent of three. My children attended Las Flores, Baxter, Woodruff Elementary and BHS. During this time my husband and I have served in various positions of PTA. I have served as Historian, Treasurer, Membership, Volunteer recruiter, and this year as your President. I look forward to meeting you and having you on our team. We would love to hear your ideas, concerns, or praises. Our next PTA meeting will be November 14 at 7:50 in room 16. If you would like to join PTA, membership is $8.  This year with your support and contributions we plan to continue providing extra activities to our students. Following are some activities that PTA is planning this school year.

    HOWLER Store (Student earned Reward)

    Halloween Reading Night

    Christmas Comes to Woodruff

    Mrs. Claus’ Treasures

    A movie with a Friend

    Lunch with the Principal

    Egg Hunt


    Red Ribbon Week Activities and many more

    If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please stop by the front office and leave your name and number.  Maria Padilla, Brandy, or I will return your call.

  •  Physical Education Class

    P.E. will be EVERY Monday and Thursday and EVERY OTHER Wednesday

    I am so excited to be teaching physical education at Woodruff another year! I take pride in providing my K-6 students with a standards-based curriculum that supports the goals of improved physical, social, and mental development and encourages a lifelong interest in health and fitness. In P.E., we will also work on being outstanding team players, showing great sportsmanship, and using kind, encouraging words to create a positive atmosphere. I cannot wait to

    see everyone’s smiling faces!   

    -Coach Dolliver

             Room 41

    On P.E. Days, students should wear shoes with laces and comfortable clothes. They are encouraged to bring a labeled bottle as well. Hydration is key, especially on warm days!

    On extremely hot or rainy days P.E. will be held indoors.

    Physical Education is a required class.

    Students may not opt-out of participating.

    K-3rd grades are based on PARTICIPATION

    4th-6th grades are based on PARTICIPATION, SPORTSMANSHIP and


    Per the district, students with a short-term medical condition MUST present a dated and signed note from a parent. Students with a medical condition that lasts longer than 3 days MUST present a dated and signed DOCTOR’S note.

    Successful participation aligns with the school expectations that each student will demonstrate honesty,    ownership, willingness, and leadership.

  • November Highlights


    1  Student of the Month

    2  End of Trimester

    8  Board Meeting

    9  Report Cards go home

    12 Veterans Day

    13 Makeup pictures

    19-23  Thanksgiving break

    27  4th/5th gr awards

    28  SSC Meeting

    30  Student of the Month


    December Highlights

    6  Board Meeting

    19  Student of the Month

    20  Minimum Day

    21  Non Student Day

    24 -Jan 4 - Christmas Break


  • STUDENT OF THE MONTH -  September

    Teacher Name

    Student Name


    Angil Sandoval


    Isik Sandoval


    Messiah Smith


    Penelope Salazar


    Camila Caro


    Bishoy Boktor


    Amanda Caringal


    Bryan Vidana


    Briana Lopez Cruz


    Valeria Contreras


    Carla Patlan


    Tiffany Martinez

    Van Noord

    Scarlett Alejandre


    Jesus Velazquez


    Nadia Guevara


    Daniela Gutierrez


    Yesmara Guerrero

    St. James

    Daniel Hernandez


    Scarlett Avena


  •  STUDENT OF THE MONTH - November

    Teacher Name

    Student Name


    Alexander Gonzalez


    Chloe Benas


    Victor Rincon


    Diego Mayoral Lopez


    TristyAnne Gonzalez


    Ashly Gonzalez


    Angel Arcadia


    Morgan Middleton  


    Daniel Marquez


    Kory Rapalo


    Nathan Mungai


    Julian Montelongo

    Van Noord

    Sebastian Hernandez


      Marli Middleton


    Ivan Ramirez


    Evan Estrada


    Crystal Brito

    St. James

    Luis Garcia


      Melanie Aguayo



    Alexander Lopez Carvajal

    Ayden Reese