PBIS Common Areas

    All students are taught behavioral expectations in our common areas.  Standard expectations for behavior are specifically taught at the beginnng of the school year.  Reminders and reteaching are provided as needed.  Our common areas include: hallways, playground, cafeteria, library, and computer labs.  Students know specific behavioral expectations for individual classrooms.


    HOWLERS are positive behavior tickets that are given to student for expemplifying our PBIS standards of Honesty, Ownership, Willingness, and Leadership.  Students earn HOWLERS for demonstrating behaviors that uphold these characteristics.  HOWLERS can be cashed in at our HOWLER Store twice per month.  Students can buy small prizes or fun events by saving their HOWLERS.


    All teachers have been trained in Mindfulness practices and have access to the Mind Up curriculum.  Mindfulness practices teach students to take the time to be present in the moment.  They are taught to settle their minds and breath.  This practice helps students to regroup and be better prepared for instruction.