Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School has an extensive Intervention Program that meets the needs of all students.  Currently, our Intervention Team includes one certificated teacher and three Instructional Aides.  The team works closely with grade level teachers to provide differentiated, small group instruction for students who need to increase literacy skills. 

    Our Intervention Team assess all students on reading skills three times per year.  Assessment results are shared with students, grade level teachers, parents and district personnel.  Specific program components also assess students' literacy skills throughout the year. Intervention groups are flexible, fluid, and based on students' literacy needs. 

    Specific intervention programs/strategies include: Read Naturally, REWARDS, Lindamood Bell (Visualizing and Verbalizing, Seeing Stars and LiPS), Reading Recovery Strategies, iLit, SiPPS, Readers Theater, Musicals, Accelerated Reader, and journal writing. 

    During our RtI time, the team joins with grade level teachers to level all students within the grade level.  Students who need to increase their literacy skills are provided small group instruction that targets one or more of the following literacy components: decoding, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, and comprehension.  Students who are at or above grade level are exposed to enrichment activities that increase their literacy skills through journal writing, Readers Theater, or book clubs. 

    Our fourth through sixth grade students participate in iLit, which is a computer adapted, digital literacy program that incorporates vocabulary, word study, writing, fluency, and independent reading. This program offers a digital library of ebooks for independent reading. iLit provides students with a Chromebook for use at home, which extends literacy skill building into the home environment.