• PTSA - Parent-Teacher-Student-Association

    The mission of Thirty-Third District PTA is to support and empower its councils and units as we further the Purposes and benefits of PTA by expanding membership, developing and strengthening leadership and promoting informed advocacy on behalf of all children and families. The Thirty-Third District is made up from 19 councils extending across the Los Angeles area from Malibu to Whittier in an arc excluding LAUSD.

    Reasons to Belong to Mayfair's PTSA...
    *PTSA creates the village that helps to raise our kids and strengthen our community.
    *PTSA links families to important school and community information.
    *PTSA hosts fun, educational clubs, programs and events for our families.
    *PTSA raises money to support the specific needs of our school.
    *PTSA engages in school and digital safety initiatives.
    *PTSA offers kids the opportunity to explore the arts and develop critical thinking, teamwork and creativity.
    *PTSA tracks local, state and national policies every day so we can advocate for what’s best for our students, families and schools.
    *PTSA believes we can make every child’s potential a reality.
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     "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." - Elizabeth Andrew