The Middle School Sports Program is an intramural style program.  All students are invited and encouraged to participate. Students that choose to participate will have the opportunity to be placed on an All-Star team by grade level and sex for competition.  There are seven sports seasons approximately three weeks in length with competitions against Mayfair to conclude the specific sport in season. The following is a list of sports and seasons. Please note that these practice dates are tentative and games dates are TBA.

    All students must pick up permission slips on given dates at the Middle School office to be eligible to participate.  ALL PERMISSION SLIPS MUST BE RETURNED TO DESIGNATED COACH.  


    MS Intramural Sports Permission Slip

    Sports Dates Site

    Boys/Girls Basketball             August 26 –  September 26              Boys- BHS    Girls - MHS

    Boys/Girls 2-Pitch                 September 30 - October 24               Boys- MHS   Girls- BHS

    Girls Tennis                          November 18 –  December 12            Mayfair HS

    Boys/Girls Cross Country       November 18 – December 12            Mayfair HS

    Boys/Girls Track/Field            January 9 –  January 30                    Bellflower HS

    Wrestling                             March 3 – March 31                           Bellflower HS

    Boys & Girls Volleyball           March 3 – March 31                          Mayfair HS

    Boys Football                        April 1 – April 29                              Bellflower HS

    Boys/Girls Soccer                   April 30 -  May 21                            Boys- MHS   Girls- BHS



    Students should plan to spend 1-1/2 hours after school, three to four days a week for practice with their respective teams.  Players who have more than two unexcused absences will not be considered for the “All-Star” competition.  Students are required to dress and participate in their P.E. classes in order to participate in the Intramural Program games and practices.  


    All students must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate in the “All-Star” game.



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