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    Welcome to the Monsoon Library, your stop for all things Mayfair literacy. This is The Nerd Librarian, Mr. Evans. Together with Ms. Lena and Ms. Susan, we are here, quite simply, to help shape and improve your world and make you the best version of you.

    How, you might ask? Through the wealth of information and stories available to you in both print and digital media forms. Stop by the library or simply surf the links below to get started!

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    Mayfair Library Tutorials

    It you're unsure how to use the resources above, check out the tutorials listed below on how to use both to access materials and ace that essay, presentation, or project.

    *** Note: ProQuest has modified their site since these tutorials were made. While the site layout is a bit different, the principles still apply.

    A tutorial on accessing ProQuest and Destiny.

    A tutorial on Boolean search techniques. on ProQuest

    *** Note: The saving portion of the tutorial below is much different now. I recommend simply sharing it to your google drive or to your teacher's google classroom.

    A tutorial on selecting, saving, and citing sources. on ProQuest