• High School Guidance and Counseling

    A Message from the High School Guidance & Counseling Office

    Greetings from the Bellflower High School Curriculum and Guidance Office! The Curriculum and Guidance Office includes a professional staff of experienced counselors dedicated to the college, career, and personal needs of our students. Counselors work closely with administration, faculty, and parents to provide a supportive environment for all students. 

    It is our goal to provide a "one-stop" comprehensive resource to help our students develop and acquire skills, abilities, and knowledge and attitudes necessary to plan for their futures. In our ever-changing world, it is critical to be well-informed of the latest requirements, resources, and opportunities for all of our students. 

    From the moment freshman year begins, meetings between students and counselors take place in small/classroom settings, as well as, one-to-one settings. This active involvement continues through your student's four years at Bellflower High School. 

    Bellflower High School is proud to offer curriculum that helps students investigate broad educational spectrum. Bellflower High School is a community dedicated to working with student to provide the finest academic, physical, social, and personal programs possible, and we encourage our students to have a positive sense of self-worth, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

    Other Things You Should Keep in Mind


    Bellflower High School subscribes to ABI Parent Portal, an online service which makes each student’s grades and attendance information available for secure viewing at anytime over the internet. Grades are entered by teachers as often as possible, keeping parents aware of current grades. To log into ABI Parent Portal, please visit: https://parentportal.busd.k12.ca.us

    Don’t forget about your student’s teachers. They are wonderful resources on campus. Our teachers use various methods to communicate to students of what is due and when it is due.  I regularly visit classrooms and I always see posted on the board the day's agenda and upcoming assignments and due dates. Teachers often generate a calendar outlining the specifics of upcoming tests and assignments. Nevertheless, we always encourage our students to be proactive with teachers and to inquire about their grades on a regular basis. We also ask that parents email teachers if they have questions and concerns about their child's progress. We encourage you to have your student get additional help as necessary from his/her teachers, and please contact them if you have a concern regarding your student’s academic progress.

    Parents are also encouraged to contact the high school guidance office if they have any concerns related to the academic success or the academic program of their student. With continued parental support, our students can achieve more! 

    High School Counseling Team

    The high school guidance counselors are committed to providing students in grades nine through twelve with guidance, support, and assistance through the academic programs, extra-curricular activities, work-based learning, counseling, and health services.

    The change from middle school to high school can be difficult for students and to further assist our students transition well, students in the 9th grade will have the same counselor, and she will be focused on the specific academic needs of 9th grade students. Students in grades ten through twelve will have a counselor assigned to them by the alphabetical letter of their last name to create a seamless relationship for the students' remaining years in high school. 

    Mrs. Michelle Paredes, 9th Grade Counselor, email: mparedes@busd.k12.ca.us

    Mr. Paul Aleman, 10th-12th Grade Counselor, Last Names, A - Di, email: paleman@busd.k12.ca.us

    Ms. Carla Calderon, 10th-12th Grade Counselor, Last Names, Dj - Le, email: ccalderon@busd.k12.ca.us

    Mrs. Dana Kidd, 10th-12th Grade Counselor, Last Names, Li - Ra, email: dkidd@busd.k12.ca.us

    Mrs. Anna Fujimoto, 10th-12th Grade Counselor, Last Names, Re - Z, email: afujimoto@busd.k12.ca.us


    Bellflower High School is proud to announce our third year of Naviance implementation!  Naviance is a college and career readiness software provider that partners with high schools to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. Naviance provides students with a variety of features, including college research and matching tools, course planning, career assessment and personality tests, and surveys to help students connect what they are doing in school to what they would like to do once they complete their education. Naviance provides additional functionality to school counselors to track the progress of individual students, communicate and collaborate with students and families, or create reports on their entire student population. Additionally, Naviance’s integration with The Common Application will help facilitate the submission of college applications, as well as online submission of transcripts, school forms and recommendations through Naviance eDocs.

    Remember, every Wednesday is COLLEGE WEDNESDAY so wear your favorite college gear to school and ask your teachers, counselors, and mentors about their college experiences.

    Mrs. Whitney, Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Guidance

  • Mrs. Michelle Paredes 9th Grade Counselor

    Mr. Aleman 9-12 Grade Counselor (A-Di)

    Ms. Calderon 10-12 Grade Counselor (Dj-Le)

    Mrs. Kidd 10-12 Grade Counselor (Li-Ra)

    Mrs. Fujimoto 10-12 Grade Counselor (Re-Z)