• Mission & Vision

    The mission of Bellflower Middle/High School is to provide the pathway for all students to attain the expertise and develop skills of academic excellence that will empower them to:

    • Become lifelong active learners
    • Demonstrate respect for themselves and others in a dynamic, diverse and global society
    • Become responsible, informed, productive, independent and contributing citizens
    • Perform successfully in their chosen field and in society


    • Every student deserves to learn every day
    • Positive relationships and a strong sense of community connect students to learning
    • Teachers who challenge and care for students make a significant impact on students’ lives
    • Every individual in our learning community will be academically and socially prepared for their future.


    • Providing each student with an appropriate and challenging educational experience
    • Maintaining a respectful environment that fosters learning through positive relationships among students, adults and our diverse community
    • Hiring and retaining only the best educators and paraprofessionals while investing in their success
    • Providing quality education based on high standards, effective practices, continuous improvement, and innovation

    We have outstanding teachers who accept the challenge to be the best they can be on a daily basis. Our teachers are facilitators of learning opportunities for students and want students to experience meaningful personal growth every day.

    One of our goals is to create a school atmosphere of respect among administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members. Through collaboration, positive relationships will develop within our school. These relationships will lead to an atmosphere where people feel appreciated, supported, and trusted. Mutual trust and respect brings out the best in people.

    Finally, our major goal is to develop critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who actively participate in their individual learning and are fully prepared to embrace the future. To achieve this goal, sometimes change is needed. Change is not something to fear, but should be viewed as an opportunity to grow and improve. Change should be a constant in a school that is growing and improving, like Bellflower Middle/High School.