• Sixth grade students have the exciting opportunity to spend five days at Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School in the San Bernardino mountains.  Students have tons of fun living with friends in cabin groups, eating healthy meals in the dining hall, and participating in various outdoor activities to extend knowledge of Science standards.  Daily hikes incorporate lessons on botany, geology, astronomy, and ecology based on the Next Generation Science Standards.  Thousand Pines also integrates character building by focusing on communication, cooperation, social skills, self-reliance, and team building.  Safety is a top priority, as students are always with a camp counselor or naturalist.  A camp nurse is available all day to meet students' medical needs.  ILC teachers attend camp with students to make certain their needs are met and students are having fun.  This is the highlight of our students' elementary education as they bond with classmates and create life-long memories.  Deadlines for camp payments and scheduled camp dates are listed on our website calendar.  

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