• Emergency Information

    Emergency Information For Students

    For the safety and well-being of our students, it is critical that the school office have up-to-date emergency information.  

    Please keep Parent Portal current and updated with your address and contact numbers. 

    Emergency Preparedness

    The Intensive Learning Center has developed emergency plans in the case of an earthquake, fire, natural disaster or criminal activity.  Our Comprehensive School Safety Plan is developed with input from our Safety Committee, English Language Advisory Committee, and School Site Council.  It is reviewed and approved by School Site Council, local law enforcement, and the District Board of Education.  

    Confusion that may exist at that time can be reduced by carefully planning what must be done before, during and after the emergency. In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation from the school buildings, students will assemble on the grass area under the supervision of school staff.  The student release area will be located at the gate in the parking lot. Students will not be released from school to anyone who is not listed on the emergency card.  Proper photo ID must be shown before students will be released.