• Mission & Vision


    The mission of the Bellflower Unified School District is to provide the pathway for all students to attain the expertise and develop skills of academic excellence that will empower them to:

    • Become lifelong active learners
    • Demonstrate respect for themselves and others in a dynamic, diverse and global society
    • Become responsible, informed, productive, independent and contributing citizens
    • Perform successfully in their chosen field and in society


    • Every student deserves to learn every day
    • Positive relationships and a strong sense of community connect students to learning
    • Teachers who challenge and care for students make a significant impact on students’ lives


    • Providing each student with an appropriate and challenging educational experience
    • Maintaining a respectful environment that fosters learning through positive relationships among students, adults and our diverse community
    • Hiring and retaining only the best educators and paraprofessionals while investing in their success
    • Providing quality education based on high standards, effective practices, continuous improvement, and innovation


    The Intensive Learning Center’s staff is guided by a shared commitment to educate all students to reach their fullest potential in academics, attitudes, athletics, and the arts within a well-defined, cohesive, and comprehensive standards-driven instructional program.  Our vision offers an environment in which powerful learning is experienced by all learners, systematically and consistently, and produces the following results:

    • All staff are committed to excellence and strive to maximize student achievement in a thinking, meaning centered curriculum.
    • Students are closely monitored for continuous achievement which is regularly measured using performance based assessment in comparison to established performance standards.
    • Various learning styles and modalities are addressed and accommodated with a variety of instruction approaches, strategies, and techniques.
    • Resources are efficiently utilized to generate the greatest possible impact on student achievement.
    • All students have access to advanced technology to support, enrich, and extend their growth opportunities and prepare them as productive citizens.
    • The staff is committed to develop, within each student, feelings of self-worth and a respect for cultural diversity and interdependence.
    • Teachers recognize their own responsibility and emphasize each student’s personal and social responsibility toward the school and community.
    • Parents and other community members are actively involved in a broad range of activities which reflects their positive attitudes, values, and contributions toward education.
    • The communication is open, clear, honest, and facilitates collaborative decisions which are shared and site-based as appropriate.
    • The physical learning environment and school climate are student-centered, safe, orderly, and foster attitudes and behaviors that are respectful and supportive.
    • The staff recognizes that learning is a life-long process and actively seeks and participates in personal and professional growth opportunities.