Dr. Montelongo
  • Principal's Message

    We Build Futures at the Intensive Learning Center by meeting the needs of a diverse learning community through specialized classes and programs.  ILC provides students their first educational experience through State Preschool, that offers both traditional and dual language immersion classes.  Whitewood is another preschool program that meets the academic needs of Special Education students.  The structure of our preschool programs are half-day classes, with morning and afternoon sessions. ILC has two Special Day Classes for kindergarten students with special needs.  We also have RSP and Speech services for students who are in general education for the majority of the instructional day.  Our traditional classes provide education in English for students in kindergarten through sixth grades.  Dual language immersion classes educate students in both English and Spanish, with a goal of biliteracy for kindergarten through fifth grade students. 

    ILC Eagles participate in P.E. every Tuesday, Friday, and alternating Wednesdays.  This allows students to learn how to live healthy lifestyles, while teachers have release time for grade level Professional Learning Communities.  Meet the Masters teaches students about famous artists, as they create their own masterpiece.  Fifth and sixth grade students join either Chorus or Band for education in music.  Upper grade students also have the opportunity to join Student Leadership and contribute to the betterment of our school community with a variety of responsibilities.  Enrichment classes at both the site and district level are provided for GATE students.  

    I look foward to working with you throughout the school year.

    ILC Eagles SOAR as We Build Futures!

    Dr.Angelica Montelongo