• PBIS Information

    Our School-Wid Behavioral Expectations What kind of prints do your paws  make?  Be Pawsitive image

    Ernie Pyle Panther PAWS

    Be Proactive

    Act Respectfully and Responsibly

    Make Wise Choices

    Be Safe

Ernie Pyle PBIS Behavioral Matrix

  • Voice Levles:  0= Silence, 1= Whisper, 2 = Normal conversational voice, 3= Outside voice

    Rule of 2-2-2:  2 minutes in the restroom, 1 pump of soap, 1 paper towel

  • Proactive

    Star image I am in control of myself

    I am a responsible person

    I take intitiative

    I am prepared

    I choose my attitudes, actions, and moods

    I do the right thing without being asked, even when nobody is looking.