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Parent Student Responsibilities

Below is an outline of the various responsibilities for appropriate use of District Internet and Technology equipment for both parents and students.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Make sure your child acts responsibly.  Review with them their responsibilities while on the Internet
  • Understand The Internet Acceptable Use Policy and discuss it with your child
  • Keep track of your child’s online usee when they are not in school.  This includes any mobile apps, online games, and other social media they may be using on a phone or tablet
  • Share values with your child.  Talk to them about what types of activities and behaviors are acceptable online and not acceptable

Additional Resources for Parents

Digital Citizenship Resources for Family Engagement

Digital Futures Initiatives for Parents

LACOE Digital Citizenship

Student Responsibilities

Follower the Rules

  • Follow all school and class rules for using technology
  • Act respectfully and responsibly to all you interact with on the Internet
  • Collaborate in positive ways that help you and others learn
  • Use technology to support a school community where everyone is welcome

Stay Safe

  • Use only accounts that belong to you.  
  • Do not share personal information with anyone online.
  • Don’t share passwords with others
  • Don’t automatically save passwords on school devices
  • Don’t meet anyone in person that you have met only online.
  • Help keep others safe by logging them out of devices/websites if you see they forgot to log themselves out.
  • Help keep others safe by not sharing personal information about them with others online.
  • See Something, Say Something - If you see others using equipment inappropriately or being disrespectful to others online, find a trusted adult and say something.

Use Equipment Appropriately

  • Take care of equipment by keeping it in a safe place when not in use
  • Use equipment in a designated place for completing school work
  • Keep food and drinks away from the equipment
  • Use it for the purpose it is intended for.

Obey All Copyright Rules

  • Give credit for pictures and ideas that are not your own
    Do not download music, photographs, or videos without the owner’s permission