Manufacturing and Product Development

  • The Manufacturing and Product Development industry sector is an important part of California’s economy, producing a wide range of products, including computers, communications equipment, electronic components, high-tech instruments, apparel, metal products, chemicals, plastics, aircraft, ships, missiles and space products, and search and navigation equipment. Both large and small manufacturers are important participants in the electronics, multimedia, and other emergent regional industrial clusters. This sector provides a foundation in manufacturing processes and systems for all industrial and technology education students in California. These students are engaged in an instructional program that integrates technical preparation and academics with career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation in four pathways: Graphic Arts Technology, Integrated Graphics Technology, Machine and Forming Technology, and Welding Technology. Manufacturing and Product Development pathways emphasize real-world, occupationally relevant experiences of significant scope and depth in manufacturing and graphic communication. To prepare students for the vast range of career opportunities in manufacturing and product development, middle schools, high schools, regional occupational centers and programs, apprenticeship programs, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities provide educational and training programs.

    CalAPS currently offers classes in 2 pathways: Product Innovation and Design and Graphic Production Technology.

    Courses Offered:

    Graphic Production Technology

    Courses in the Graphic Production Technology pathway are UC a-g approved - (f) Visual/Performing Arts.

    Product Innovation and Design

    Makerspace courses are UC a-g approved - (g) College-Preparatory elective.  BioAnimaker courses are UC a-g approved - (f) Visual/Performing Arts.  

    Graphic Production Technology Video

    Makerspace Video