• School Safety

    Bellflower Unified School District has taken a holistic approach to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. The District has established a mental model which demonstrates a variety of support and safety measures that are in place within the Bellflower Unified School District.  

    BUSD Approach for Student Safety & Wellness Graphic.  Detailed information from graphic in text following the graphic.


    BUSD Approach for Student Safety & Wellness

    Student & Parent Engagement

    • Student Engagement
      • Student Assemblies/Guest Speakers
      • Substance Prevention
      • Safety Drills
      • Student Ambassadors/Peer Mentors (Exploration Phase)
    • Parent Engagement
      • Parent Workshops

    Safety Measures

    • Emergency Response Procedures
    • Safety Drills
    • Active Shooter Training
    • PA System for Communication
    • Radio System
    • Emergency Bins
    • Campus Cameras
    • Canine Detection
    • Visitor Management System

    Mulit-Tier System of Support

    • Behavior
      • PBIS
      • Bullying Prevention
    • Mental Wellnes
      • Social Emotional Learning
      • Counseling Services
      • Risk & Threat Screening
    • Health & Wellness
      • Healther Care Plans
      • Outside Referrals
      • Wellness Centers


    • LACOE Community School Initiative (BHS/MHS)
    • Community Family guidance
    • LA CADA
    • LA County Sheriff's Department
    • Caring Connections
    • Think Together/YMCA
    • 24 Defender


    BUSD Mental Model Link

  • Safety Measure Enhancements Summary

    Bellflower Unified School District (BUSD) holds the safety of our students and staff in the highest regard.  As such, we work collaboratively to establish procedures and guidelines to support those efforts.  These efforts include maintaining closed campuses, monitoring visitors to our sites, establishing guidelines for student behavior, working collaboratively with all stakeholders to maintain open communication, developing school safety plans with the guidance of law enforcement, and practicing emergency procedures.  Safety Plans are developed and reviewed annually.  All plans are developed through collaboration with school stakeholders and reviewed by law enforcement. Site walkthroughs with Law Enforcement are done to ensure our school sites are as safe as possible. As a team we can work together to keep our students and staff safe while at school. If you have questions about your student’s individual school safety plan please contact the school site for more information.

    Enhanced Security Protocols:

    We have strengthened our security protocols to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the school premises. This includes an improved visitor management system. The District is looking to implement this system after the Thanksgiving Break. More details will be shared with the community in future updates.

    Implement canine detection:

    The district has partnered with Interquest Canine Detection in our continuing effort to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. This company provides trained detection canines to minimize the presence of prohibited items on campus. The canines make periodic visits to each secondary school in the district on an unannounced basis throughout the school year. The canines are trained to detect illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, and gunpowder-based items, including guns and commonly abused medications. Items found are processed in accordance with school policy. BUSD is taking a proactive approach to school safety by working with a canine detection company to search school premises using certified, reliable detection dogs that are non-aggressive, friendly, and approachable.

    Emergency Preparedness:

    The district continues to practice safety response procedures in the event of an emergency situation. Here are two examples of preparedness exercises that the District has conducted. 

    • On October 9th, the management team conducted an important active shooter training session at Bellflower Middle/High School. This training is an essential component of the district’s ongoing efforts to ensure a secure learning environment. Not only did the training cover active shooter response but included valuable information on how to “Stop the Bleed,” incident command training, and role-play application. In addition, there was a simulated fire exercise as part of this comprehensive training program. These initiatives will provide our staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergency situations. 
    • On October 19, at 10:19 a.m., the entire school district, along with all K-12 schools in the state of California, conducted a comprehensive earthquake preparedness drill. This involved a “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” exercise, followed by a complete evacuation and sweep of the buildings. This drill provided the district with an opportunity to practice the safety measures in place to support the safety of our students and staff should we encounter an emergency situation. Each school site conducts regular drills for drop, cover, & hold, lockdown, and fire drills. An evaluation is conducted at the end of each drill to identify areas for improvement.
    • School sites continue to hold safety meetings, training, and drills to further expand in this area.  

    Establish common language for safety drills and processes:

    BUSD has partnered with 24 Defender to provide training and identify common language to use during safety drills. BUSD will provide emergency posters for each room, office, and building across the district.

    Communication and Alert Systems:

    We have upgraded our communication and alert systems to ensure that parents and guardians can be promptly informed of any emergency or important information. The Public Address System (or PA System) has been upgraded at all school sites, the district office, and all other BUSD sites. This system allows us to communicate clearly and quickly, use different sounds for different incidents, and send messages to classrooms via text during emergencies as needed.

    Student Awareness Programs:

    We have initiated programs to educate students about personal safety, responsible behavior, and the importance of reporting any concerns to school authorities. School sites have held assemblies with Interquest Detection Canines, anti-bullying, drug prevention partners, and school safety. In addition, each site has planned events during the month of October to show their support for bullying and drug prevention. 

    Collaboration with Local Authorities:

    We maintain a strong partnership with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure a rapid response in case of any security-related incidents. Each site has set up a campus walkthrough with 24 Defender to engage in safety conversations and suggestions to improve the safety of our school sites. 

    Implement more education on lockdown drills for parents and students:

    We have partnered with 24 Defender to offer Parent workshops in November 2023 and March 2024 in both English and Spanish to share with the community how BUSD and staff are preparing for a critical incident. Topics covered will be mindset, behavior, Run-Hide-Fight, Post incident, and Stop the Bleed training.