• Hello Pyle Families,

    Today is the last day for you to give us your valuable feedback on the California Healthy Kids Survey! Thank you to those families who have already taken the survey. Your opinion matters! We are hoping for 100% participation by all of our families so please be sure to do this today if you have not yet done so. PARENTS: Click HERE to complete the CHKS for Ernie Pyle Thank you for helping us gather this valuable data to help us plan for the future.

    Today we put our safety plan into action. During our lockdown teachers reported the location of staff and students with the command center and we were able to know where each person was on campus and that all were safe. The safety of our students and staff is our priority. We are so proud of the immediate response of our panthers in following procedures and ensuring that all were safe. We were in direct communication with the sheriff's department to ensure that we stayed locked in until they let us know that it was safe to resume normal activities on campus. Please follow up with your student about our on-campus safety plans and be sure to make plans for emergencies with your family for your home.

    Next Week, is Friendship Week. Ernie Pyle will be asking students to participate in showing our PAWS through friendship activities. Monday, "We Bloom Together." Students can bring a flower or draw a flower for a friend. Tuesday, "Friends are WRIGHT up our Alley." Students can write a note to someone important in their life to tell them that they appreciate them. Wednesday is "Funny Friends Wednesday," where students will be encouraged to tell their best funny jokes to share funny moments together. Thursday, we will "Show our PATTERN for being a friend" by wearing any clothing that has a pattern or many patterns on it. Monday through Wednesday we will be wearing our school uniform and Thursday, on Pattern day, we will not need to wear our school uniform if we are participating in the, "Show Your Pattern of Friendship."

    Thursday, our PTA is hosting a members-only GLOW dance party from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. We are so excited to have a GLOWTASTIC time. Today was the last day to RSVP for this dance party. If you were not able to RSVP for this event we hope to see you at our next one.