• President's Message

    “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” (Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963.) - Martin Luther King Jr. 

    This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. highlights the interconnectedness of human experience. It suggests that the well-being of any individual is linked to the well-being of the broader community. In other words, the actions and experiences of one person can have a ripple effect that impacts others in both positive and negative ways. This quote encourages us to recognize our shared humanity and to work towards creating a more just and equitable society for all.

    This idea particularly takes on a larger role as School Board President. I will work along with my colleagues to ensure that all students receive an equitable education and supportive environment by creating positive change. I will prioritize the well-being and success of ALL students. I will strive to provide access to high-quality education and support. Create a culture of collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity in our district and continue to be committed to being transparent in my decisions. This means fostering a sense of community, encouraging engagement, and collaboration among educators, families, and other stakeholders.

    I am confident that with our Board’s support and Superintendent’s guidance, we will be able to make positive changes in the district that will firmly impact our students for years to come. I will work together with our Superintendent and Board colleagues to ensure meaningful change is occurring and that our students are always at the center of our decision making.  

    I am excited to see the progress we will make this year and am eager to serve this community that I love. Let's work together to empower our educators, engage our families, and strengthen our communities to create a brighter future for our children. 

    Mayra Garza
    BUSD Board President 2023


School Board President Renita Armstrong