School 4

Virtual Academy: Special Program to Meet the Needs of Distance Learning



    Las Flores Home Education and Bellflower Unified is proud to provide a new program: BUSD Virtual Academy.  Here are some important details to know if your are interested in participating in this program:

    • Las Flores Virtual Academy is an Independent Study Program - 100% online. Using an online program that requires daily engagment and participation.
    • This program is not appropriate for all students. You must notify the school that your are interested in applying. You can do so by completing the Las Flores Interest Form.
    • Students must be able to work independently and motivate self to keep up. The pacing can be fast but our teachers are highly supportive and involved in your child's online experience.
    • Students must be able to self advocate and ask for help.
    • If student is on an IEP, Independent Study is a placement decision and requires an IEP Team to determine that independent study is the appropriate placement and will provide a FAPE.
    • Students must complete work in order to remain in the program. 
    • If your child is not a BUSD registered student, they will need to get a permit to attend the district/school.
    • Enrollment in this program is voluntary. If you return to your home school/district or are released from Las Flores, your initial space may not be available at your home school.
    • Las Flores Virtual Academy school day is independent study based and no in person time is required. However, Las Flores operation hours are 8:30-2:50 each day.
    • Student will be able to participate in ceremonies/activities with Las Flores.


    For more information please contact the school at 562 804 6565

    For access to the Las Flores Interest Form, PLEASE CLICK HERE