Classic Program: Specialized Program for Independent Study


    The Classic Model is a program designed for parents and students that may need to access a traditional academic program away from the school campus.

    According to California Education Code (EC) Section 51747, independent study requirements mandate that local education agencies (Las Flores) adopt and implement written policies which include guidelines for independent study attendance in California.  Independent study instruction must result in education that is “equal in quality and quantity to classroom instruction.” At Las Flores, we offer a high quality educational option for students in grades TK – 12. For families that have the desire to teach their children at home or your child or family has needs that require a different schedule, our independent study academy may be for you!

    It is important to note that in this program, parents are the primary teacher five days a week. Our fully accredited school provides parents with a written agreement that outlines engagement and activitiy expectations and it is the parents/guardian's repsonibility to make sure that the terms of the agreement are meet throughout enrollment in the program. Students and parents meet at least once a month with a credentialed teacher to review work and set goals. Students may also participate in enrichment learning experiences on Fridays.