• Viewing Report Cards on Parent Portal

    Using a web browser

    First select the Grades option

    Image showing to select the Grades option.

    Next Select Report Card History

    Image showing to select Report Card History option.

    Viewing on Aeries Mobile Portal App

    On the main screen, at the bottom, click on the report card icon.  You will see all of the report cards on file for the selected student.  On each report card in the list, it shows which school it's from, the year, grade, term, and date of the report card.  Below that, it offers buttons to download the report card in any language that has been made available.  The report card itself is in the form of a PDF you can download to your mobile device.  Once it is downloaded, you can email it or otherwise share it with yourself to view it on a desktop computer.

    Image showing where to find report card icon.                       Image of Sample Report Card as seen on phone.