• Verizon WiFi Jetpacks

    General Information

    If you checked out a Verizon WiFi Jetpack from your school site for Internet access at home, please be aware that only one Jetpack per home is needed.  You can connect all of your children's devices to one Jetpack.  When you first receive the Jetpacks, they will not be fully charged; you should be sure to fully charge the Jetpack prior to its first use.  If you forget, you can plug them in to charge while they are in use as well; however, it will take a longer time for the Jetpack to charge in this scenario.  On a full charge, you should get approximately 10 hours of use time before the Jetpack needs to be charged again.  If there are multiple students in the home using the Jetpack, the Jetpack should be placed equidistant to their work stations in order to ensure adequate coverage for all students using it.  

    Using the Jetpack

    1. To turn on the Jetpack, press and hold the Power button on the bottom until the display screen shows that the Jetpack has been powered on.  When you see that it is on, you can release the power button.
    2. Initially the Jetpack will display a message that says Settings & Info.  This message will go away.  Once you see the message Verizon 4G LTE on the display, your Jetpack is now ready for your devices to be connected to it.
    3. Next, press and quickly release the power button again.  A message saying Getting Usage data.  Please Wait will display.  You can ignore this message by pressing and quickly releasing the power button again.
    4. Now you should see the name of the Wi-Fi network you need to connect your devices to.  It should be something like Ellipsis Jetpack ####, where the # signs represents numbers and letters.  These numbers and letters will be different for each Jetpack.
    5. Once you see the name of the WiFi network on the Jetpack, you can select the WiFi connection on your device and tell it to connect.  Your device will ask for a password.  Quickly pressing and releasing the power button a third time will display the password for the Jetpack.  Enter this password into your device when it asks for the information.  Your device should now be connected to the Internet, and your child can browse the Internet in order to connect with their teacher in Google Classroom and complete online assignments.
    6. When your child is finished using the Jetpack for the day, power it off by pressing and holding the power button until the Jetpack displays the word Goodbye.