• August 14, 2020 Update - Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know when my child should log in for school on Tuesday, August 18, 2020?

    Regardless of the program, teachers will be sending emails to student’s gmail accounts regarding when to meet virtually.  Please have your child check their email.   

    For younger children, or those who have forgotten,  your child’s email and password was shared by their school site and is available on Parent Portal. It can be seen under the Student Info, Demographics, Student Data 2 tab. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, sign up here.  

    If my child chose the Independent Study Model what do I do?  

    Your child’s home school has reached out to you to verify your choice, by phone and in some cases also by email.  If you have not responded, or been contacted, please contact your school principal using the email address under the pictures on each school website.  Please provide a convenient time to be contacted regarding the Independent Study model. 

    On the first day of school, student’s should sign into their Google Classroom as described above.

    What resources are there to help parents with the technology?  

    Click here to register for a free webinar series designed for parents 

    When will my child be contacted by Las Flores for Independent Study?  

    Recent changes at the state level will allow students to remain enrolled at the home school.  Students may be assigned to a teacher that was not at their home school for the Independent Study model.  

    I have not picked up a Chromebook, can I still start on Tuesday?  

    Yes, students can sign in to their Gmail account to access the Google Classroom from any computer.  

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone at a school site and have not received a response.  What should I do?

    Please contact your school principal using the email address under the pictures on each school’s website.  

    If you have already done that and have not received a response within 48 hours, please contact the superintendent’s office at 562-866-9011.  You may also email superintendent@busd.k12.ca.us. Please include your question, your child’s name, grade, and school site on all inquiries. This will expedite our ability to respond to your concern.

    Who do I contact if my Parent Portal account is blocked?

    Be sure you have completed Data Confirmation. You will first need a Parent Portal account.  If you have done both of these things, and it is still blocked, please contact Child Welfare and Attendance at 562-866-9011. You may also email cwa@busd.k12.ca.us. 

    How does my child log on to applications the teacher may use?

    Link to additional Technical Resources

    If I have children at different school sites do I have to pick up meals at each site?  

    No, please contact Nutrition Services at 562-866-4192 if your children attend different schools throughout BUSD

    If I am unable to pick up meals from the school site what should I do?

    If you are unable to pick up meals from the school site please contact Nutrition Services at 562-866-4192.