• August 7 Update - FAQs


    Schedules will follow a similar time frame as pre COVID-19, with a 30 minute delay in the earliest required meeting for students, if your school started at 8:00 the earliest a teacher will schedule a Google Meeting or other live interaction, or phone call will be 8:30 am. 

    Elementary The majority of instruction will occur in the morning with a maximum of 180 minutes of teacher interaction.This could be a Google Meet, small group, whole class, or individual. It may also include students working independently.  This will cover all subjects.

    There will be a lunch break and followed by an hour of office hours, where a teacher will be available to students to assist them with work they may have been assigned or to provide intervention or other assistance.  

    Middle and High School Students will be on a block schedule (3 classes each day) during the 180 minutes and meet with or enter the Google Classroom platform  by period T-F.  Mondays students will meet briefly with all teachers to touch base and set the parameters for the week.  They will also have a lunch break followed by office hours.  

    Students will be given assignments to complete outside of the classroom and office hour times.  

    All work will be graded by the teacher.  


    In order to be counted as present a student must attend live interaction, complete assignments for the day, or participate in the Google Classroom activities.   


    What if my child needs to be assessed for services or for an update to the IEP? 

    We will be conducting assessments to the fullest extent possible. This may include records reviews, interviews, questionnaires, alternative assessments, and virtual or in person assessment as needed. If conducted in person, the Safer Assessment Protocol will be followed which adheres to local, state, and public health guidelines. 

    Will students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) be provided accommodations in the BUSD Distance Learning Program?

    Yes, accommodations as outlined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be implemented to the extent practicable in the BUSD Distance Learning Program.

    Will students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) be provided accommodations in the Independent Study Model?

    Although some exceptions apply, Independent Study is not an appropriate learning model for a student with an IEP due to their unique learning needs. The Independent Study Program  is  predeveloped and instruction can not be adjusted.  

    How will services such as speech and language or occupational therapy be provided in the BUSD Distance Learning Program?

    Related services such as speech and language, occupational therapy, counseling, adapted physical education, and/or physical therapy, will be provided in proportion to the instructional day, similar to the Extended School Year Program.  The delivery of services may change given the BUSD Distance Learning Program. The related service provider will work directly with the case carrier and parent.

    How will services such as speech and language or occupational therapy be provided in the Independent Study model? 

    Although some exceptions apply, Independent Study is not usually an appropriate learning model for a student with an IEP due to their unique learning needs.  Related services such as speech and language or occupational therapy will change given the Independent Study model.

    My child is enrolled in a Special Day Class (SDC) and mainstreams into general education. Will they still be able to participate in mainstreaming?

    Mainstreaming that is outlined in the student’s IEP will continue to be provided in the BUSD Distance Learning Program.

    This may be a combination of the following: 1) participation in the general education classroom during synchronous instruction, 2) participation in the general education classroom during asynchronous instruction, or 3) participation in small group breakout sessions.

    As with traditional in-person instruction, this may take place during the same time that live instruction is provided in the SDC classroom.

    The Independent Study Program does not allow for mainstreaming opportunities.

    If I chose the Independent Study Program for my child, but my child has an IEP. What happens next?

    California Education Code provides that if the student is on an IEP, the IEP team must have determined that the Independent Study Program is appropriate for the student.

    If you chose the Independent Study Program, the school will contact you to discuss this option, as it may not be appropriate for all students. 

    If the parent of a student with an IEP still wants to select the Independent Study Program, the parent will be contacted by a member of the Special Education Department to discuss next steps.

    How will IEPs be held during the 2020-2021 school year?

    IEPs for students will be held virtually through a platform such as Google Meet via videoconference or telephone participation.

    Will print materials (packet) be available for my child?

    Most activities will be available online.  In some cases, hands-on materials such as manipulatives, print materials, and/or supplemental instructional materials will be provided to facilitate access to the program. 

    Who do I contact if I have concerns about my child’s program?

    If you have a concern, you should start with your child’s case carrier and the site principal.  You may always reach out to the special education department via phone (562) 866-9011 ext 2020 or email spedstudentsupport@busd.k12.ca.us.


    Is daily attendance required for the BUSD Distance Learning Program?  

    Yes,students are required to participate daily on each school day. A student who does not participate in distance learning on a school day is documented as absent for that day. Daily participation may be evidenced by participation in virtual meetings, group meetings, and/or completion of assignments and assessments. 

    If my child is absent, and can’t attend the live interaction due to a doctors appointment, how do I turn in a doctor’s note?  

    If a student misses live interaction on a day, as long as they complete the assignments for the day, they will be counted as present.  Students who are unable to complete assignments and participate virtually, may submit a doctor’s note via email to the school site.  The school site will communicate site specific procedures.


    What resources are available to address my child’s emotional well-being? 

    Counseling staff will still be working with students and available for referrals.  If you have concerns, please contact your school counselor for assistance.  

    What resources are available to assist me with basic needs such as food and community resources? 

    Additionally we still have support for families through our Caring Connections Collaborative and community partnerships.  Please reach out to your school principal or counselor for a referral. Contact information is available on each school website.    


    Do I need to fill out a meal application for my child this school year? 

    Yes. Completing meal applications is important to our District and the Nutrition Services Department. Bellflower USD receives additional funds based on the number of meal applications we receive.

    We ask that all families complete an application online by going to School Cafe. Only one application per family is needed. For those families who feel they do not qualify we ask that you mark the option, “Decline Benefits”. If you would like to fill out a paper application, contact your school site. Please note online applications are processed and approved within 24 hours, paper applications may take up to 5-7 business days for approval. 

    If I qualified last year, do I need to reapply?

    Yes.  If you qualified last year, you will have to resubmit an application this year. You may apply for this service here. 

    How do I know if I qualify for Free or Reduced Priced meals? 

    If you qualify for a free or reduced meal, you will receive a letter from Nutrition Services. You can use this letter to qualify for other benefits. If you have not received a letter please call Nutrition Services at 562-866-4192. 

    Can all school age children receive a meal even if they do not attend BUSD schools? 

    No. However, if your child does not attend a BUSD school, they can pick up a Breakfast and Lunch meal from YMCA until August 31, 2020 through the Summer Food Service Program. 

    Our family does not qualify for meals, can I purchase meals for my students? 

    Yes. Breakfast costs $2.50; lunch costs $3.00 for Secondary (High School and Jr. High School) and $2.50 for Elementary level. If you would like our Breakfast and Lunch combo at Elementary level it is $5.00 and at Secondary level $5.50.   

    If I want to purchase meals how do I pay? 

    Please go to School Cafe to pay online.You may either open your account or create an account for your student(s). You can also call Nutrition Services at 562-866-4192 to pay by credit card. 

    When will meals be distributed? 

    Meals will be distributed at all BUSD school sites starting August 18, 2020. The school sites will share information on meal distribution times. 

    Does my child have to be present to pick up the meal? 

    No, parents and guardians are allowed to pick up meals on behalf of their children. When picking up meals be sure to have your Meal Pin Number which was provided last year. If you do not have your Meal Pin Number, it will be listed in your Meal Application letter, as well as through Blackboard email. 

    Can I pick up my meals at any school site location?

    No, we ask that you pick up your meals at your child’s enrolled school site. 

    If I have children at different school sites do I have to pick up meals at each site?  

    No, please contact Nutrition Services at 562-866-4192 if your children attend different schools throughout BUSD. 

    Will my Meal Application information be shared with other agencies?

    No, Meal Applications are confidential and the information is restricted.