• July 30 Uupdate - FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions 


    What does each Learning Model entail?

    The BUSD Distance Learning Program will mimic an in person school day.  It will be designed and taught by a BUSD teacher. For this reason, schedule and content will vary. Students will meet at least once a day/period with their class. Students will work both synchronously and asynchronous based on their needs and the teachers’ schedules. 

    Independent Study students will meet at least once a week with their BUSD supervising teacher. The BUSD supervising teacher will work with the parent and student to progress through the program. The teacher may require a student to attend intervention if they are struggling with the content. The parent will be the primary Learning Coach who will facilitate instruction and support their student with the online platform (Accelerate) and its physical materials (worksheets). Independent Study is asynchronous. Students may be required to meet with the supervising teacher for assessment and intervention. This model was designed for parents who do not want students to return to a school site should a hybrid model become permitted, or those who need their child to be able to work at times that are convenient for the family’s responsibilities as parents develop the learning schedule.  Secondary students (Grades 6-12) should be independent workers with strong organizational skills.  

    Is Distance Learning only for K-5? And Independent Study is only for 6-12?

    Students of all grade-levels have the ability to have either the BUSD Learning Program or the Independent Study option.

    Can you give me more information on the Independent Study programs?

    For grades K-5, BUSD is utilizing the online courses and materials from Accelerate Education. BUSD teachers will act as the supervising teacher for Independent Study.  Click here to learn about the grade-level content for the four core subjects (math, NGSS aligned science, English Language Arts, Social Studies.)

    For grades 6-12, BUSD is utilizing ASU Prep Digital.  Click here to take a few ASU Prep Digital 2-minute course tours. Since the district is purchasing only the curriculum and will be using BUSD educators as the supervising teachers, this is the primary information that you will need. 

    What will teacher interaction be like for the independent study model?

    Students will meet weekly with their supervising teacher. Supervising teachers may require students to meet for assessments and intervention.

    Does ASU have AP classes? Honors classes?

    ASU offers honors classes, but it does not offer AP classes.

    Can a parent choose the Independent Study Program at the start of school and switch to their home school (and visa versa) BEFORE we return to in-person instruction? 

    Parent choices for Independent Study on the questionnaire will be followed up with a phone call prior to enrollment in the Independent Study program. You can switch programs, but there may be additional work required on the part of the student.  The Independent Study model is a set curriculum that must be completed for credit, so if you switched into that program, you may have to do some catching up. Likewise, if you switch to BUSD Distance Learning Program, the student may need to do additional work to be on pace with the classroom. 

    What if you would like one method for one child and another for another child?

    Parents may select different programs for their children.

    Can a student use the independent study and still take a distance learning class at his or her home school?

    Traditionally students in grades 7-12 on Independent Study can participate in one face-to-face course at their home school. This means a student would be able to take one class within the BUSD Distance Learning Program while participating in the Independent Study program. This could be an elective course such as Band, Chorus, or even an AP course. 

    If I choose  Independent study and return to the BUSD program when we return to school, can I go back to my home school?

    Yes, if you enroll in the Independent Study program, and transfer back to the BUSD Distance Learning Program when we return to campus, we will place you at your home school. Your student may need to do additional work to catch up with the class.  


    Will students in grade 6 still rotate teachers for various subjects or will the home room teacher now teach everything? 

    For Independent Study, students will have one teacher.  Rotations in the BUSD Learning Program is a site based decision as it is during typical times. 

    What does a day look like?

    Ultimately the schedules are decided by the teacher (including the parent for Independent Study). All students in the distance learning model will meet daily for culture building and bonding. Following this, teachers will determine when their synchronized sessions will occur. Synchronized sessions will vary based on student needs. Independent Study students will meet weekly with their supervising teacher to check in and progress monitor. There may be times that the supervising teacher will require the student to meet for assessment and intervention. Parents will set the daily schedule for their student. Independent study work can be completed at any time as long as it is completed by the turn-in date provided by the supervising teacher.

    What is a typical day in a child’s  schedule?

    It depends on which program is chosen.  Schedules will depend on the teacher/parent.  BUSD Distance Learning Program students will meet daily based on the teacher’s schedule. Independent Study students will meet weekly with a BUSD teacher.  

    My student struggles academically.  Which program should I choose?

    Students who need extra support, whether it be for academics, or monitoring of work completion should choose the BUSD Distance Learning Program.  This program will provide daily instruction and opportunities for small group individualized support.


    My student is in the Dual Immersion program, can he/she participate in the Independent Study Program?  

    Students in the Dual Immersion program will need to participate in the BUSD Distance Learning Program. 

    My student is in the Las Flores Core program, which program should I choose?

    Students in the Las Flores Core program would participate in the BUSD Distance Learning Program. 

    My student is in the APEX, MAP, Art Academy, ASB, etc at their school which program should I choose?

    Students in special programs often take more than one class for the program each year and should choose the BUSD Distance Learning Program.  


    What about IEP kids? How will services differ between home school distance learning and Las Flores? Specifically for 6th graders on an elementary campus but choosing the ASU learning model.  I'm being told that Independent Study has little interaction with kids so will 1:1 tutoring even be available. 

    If a student has an IEP, the Independent Study program may not be the best choice.  There will be limited teacher interaction and mostly independent work for the student. 

    Will ANY special education services be offered in-person? 

    District staff will work with parents and the IEP team to determine if any services are able to be provided in person. 

    How will students on IEP receive their accommodations?

    All special education  goals and accommodations will be performed virtually. Goals and accommodations may be modified for the distance learning models


    Will books be used? 

    The independent Study Model is fully online with student workbooks for some activities. If a textbook is needed for the BUSD Distance Learning Program, they will be issued by the school site.  

    Will the District provide computers for students? 

    We will provide a device for all students.  These will be issued by the school site.

    Will the District provide access to the internet?  

    We will provide access that will enable the student to participate in BUSD educational activities.  These will be issued by the school site. 

    Will the District provide students with supplies?   

    We will provide supplies needed for students. These will be distributed by the school site. 

    We have a Chromebook from Spring and it is not working, what should I do?   

    Contact the school site and let them know. They will work with you to exchange the device.  Each school has an email address below the pictures on the school’s home page. 


    Will the fall BUSD Distance Learning Program be more rigorous than the spring program? 

    Yes.  The spring program was enrichment, with a State directive to “do no harm”.  Fall will be true distance learning in which students will progress through the standards and will be expected to complete assignments and attend class sessions daily.  

    Will kids on permit be able to return to the school where they are on permit?

    All students will return to the school they are approved to attend; however, overflow protocol will remain the same.

    Why did we ask so close to the start of school?

    BUSD personnel has been working diligently all summer to ensure that what is ultimately provided for teachers is effective and will ensure that all students have virtual instruction that meets the needs of all learners.  When we provided information to parents we did not want it to be hypothetical, but contain actual information on the learning environment and materials to be use. 

    Are teachers currently being prepared on what the district is requiring as far as number of hours of teaching in Google Meet per day and other things?

    We are working with our Teacher Union.  Teachers will receive ample training prior to school starting. Training will include learning both online platforms, effective and purposeful use of G-Suite, and progress monitoring. Follow-up support and additional training will be provided throughout the school year.

    Will my child still have to do her summer reading if I put her in independent study? 

    If your student moves to Independent Study, he/she will not be taking the class that assigned the summer reading. If they choose to go back to the BUSD Distance Learning Program or in class instructional program, they will not be enrolled in the Honors or AP programs if they did not complete and submit the summer work.  

    How do I make sure I get all District and site information? 

    Make sure you complete Data Confirmation and all of your contact information is correct. This will enable you to receive Blackboard Messages, emails, and text messages.  Click here for information on Data Confirmation.  Install the Aeries SIS (Parent Portal) App and Sign up for the BUSD District App, and follow BUSD on Facebook 

    Each teacher will utilize a variety of communication tools.  Please check with your child’s teacher(s) for more information. 

    I can’t complete Data confirmation because it says my account is blocked, what should I do?   

    Contact the school site and let them know. They will work with you to clear the hold.  Each school has an email address below the pictures on the school’s home page. 

    Will there be athletics/sports in the fall? 

    CIF SS has revised their schedule to delay competition until later in the year.  See update here.  

    How will students in athletics/sports be graded in the fall since they can’t participate in the sport? 

    Sports/athletics classes will be designed by the teacher and may include a combination of physical conditioning, logging of workouts, play reviews, and other activities to continue preparation and education in the area of competition.  

    Will there be band, chorus, and other performance courses in the fall? 

    Yes.  Teachers will teach and prepare students through whole class, small group and independent sessions.