• Temporary Grading Due to COVID-19 School Closure

    The State gives school districts the authority to determine how final grades will be assigned, and, during school closure, because of COVID-19, the intent of assigning grades is to do “no harm” to students.  After reviewing the State’s guidance on grading and conferring with teachers and staff, the following modifications to BUSD’s grading system will be implemented:

    Grades K-6

    • Trimester 3 grades cannot be any lower than what was earned at Trimester 2. Teachers may assign a higher grade if a student has reached the next achievement level; otherwise, Trimester 3 grades will be the same as Trimester 2.
    • Students will “not be harmed” while learning new standards. Teachers may only assign a grade of 4, 3, or X on standards not assessed prior to school closures.
    • Students will receive feedback in the comment section of the report card regarding participation, growth, effort, and suggestions for summer practice.
    • The following comment will be included on the report card to identify the implementation of this temporary grading system for Trimester 3:

    Due to COVID-19, Trimester 3 grades do “no harm” to students. Grades for this trimester show progress made during school closure and are no lower than Trimester 2. For resources to help your child continue learning during the summer months, visit the parent page on the BUSD website.

    • Awards will not be based on Trimester 3 grades unless the grades benefit the student.
    • Students will not repeat their current grade level and will be assigned to the next grade for 2020 – 2021 school year.

    Grades 7-12

    • Students will not receive a grade mark lower than the grade they had at the time of school closures.
    • Students will not receive a grade below D.
    • Students may have received work to complete that will assist them in successfully moving onto the next course and grade. This work will include review of key skills or new content.    
    • Students will not be penalized for not participating in the virtual environment. 
    • Students on the a-g track, may be assigned, by the teacher, or request an incomplete prior to the end of the 19-20 school year.  Students would request the incomplete from their teacher and include their counselor. If an incomplete is assigned:
      • The student’s teacher will communicate what must be done to earn a grade of C.
      • The student must complete the work by the end of the third week of school.
      • Students that do not complete the work will receive a grade of D as of the third week of the fall 2020 semester