• March 17, 2020

    BUSD Parents,

    We know that the school closures have created a challenging situation for all of us. 

    We investigated the option of providing meals and are unable to do so safely for our students and staff.  Due to low participation in the past we have not been approved as a summer meal provider, which allows schools to offer food service during extended breaks. 

    Please contact your local cities for resources and or authorized centers for summer meals.

    The Federal government is considering a proposal to increase SNAP funding that could go directly to families that qualify for free and reduced lunch. We have been working to get them to focus on increasing SNAP resources for families. Contact your representatives at usa.gov/elected-officials to encourage them to increase SNAP immediately.

    BUSD is not requiring teachers to generate work during this time.  There is no way to ensure equitable instructional programs or access for all students. We encourage you to spend this time with your students in a productive manner, some ideas are teaching them to cook, check oil in the car, sew on a button, chipping in on spring cleaning, doing laundry, balancing a budget or writing a check, pick a topic and learn together, learn to play your child’s favorite video game, use their technology talents to make videos on instagram to share with family members outside of home.  Be creative.  

    Most importantly, is the health and safety of our students, families and staff. Please practice social distancing, avoid highly populated areas, wash your hands often, and find ways to enjoy the gift of time with your loved ones.

    Stay safe and healthy! 


    Tracy McSparren, Superintendent