• March 12, 2020

    Dear BUSD Families,

    Please be assured that the safety of our staff and students is our highest priority.  As such, we are actively following information from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and establishing plans and responses as appropriate.  The situation is changing on a daily basis.  At this time there are no requirements to cancel all extracurricular assemblies or events. Recommendations are to reschedule or cancel larger events that will have more than 250 people in close proximity. We are considering the cancellations of events and activities on a case by case basis at this time, based on site recommendations and information about the event. Things will change on a daily basis.

    We have not  been informed of any cases of COVID-19 in our schools.  School closures will only occur if we are directed to do so by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.  Should closures be mandated, we will completely shut down identified schools.  You will be notified immediately through BlackBoard and emails.

    Many Districts are cancelling all events and should that be required, we will do so based on a directive from the Los Angeles Department of Health.   

    From yesterday, LADPH news item: 

    Public Health continues to recommend that the public do the following to protect themselves and others from respiratory illnesses:

    • Avoid non-essential travel, public gatherings, or places where large groups of people congregate, such as ticketed events (such as theaters, concert halls, and sporting events) if you are at higher risk of getting very sick from infection, such as the elderly (65 or older), people with underlying health conditions, and pregnant women.
    • Abstain from all cruise ship travel, as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    • Avoid travel to all areas where there are outbreaks of COVID-19.
    • Follow all social distancing recommendations issued by Public Health.
    • If you are mildly sick with a fever, stay home until you have been fever-free for 72 hours, except to get medical care.
    • Those with high risk factors and who have fever or new or worsening cough, should consider contacting their providers earlier when they are sick.
    • Event organizers should consider postponing or cancelling non-essential community events, especially those that may be attended by the elderly, pregnant women, or people with chronic health conditions.