• Sports Therapy/Athletic Trainer 

    Open to Bellflower High School and Mayfair High School Students only. 


    This introductory course is designed to introduce students to the rapidly growing field of Sports Medicine. The Course will place a special emphasis on the anatomy and Physiology of the human body related to athletics. Students will learn client care skills such as how to monitor vital signs, blood pressure, body temperature, basic first aid, CPR, fitness, rescue practices, and injury identification. Students from the class may also participate in an after-school Student Athletic Training Program that will allow them hands-on field experience at the local high school athletic programs.


    Mon-Fri 5th Period and After School.

    10 Credits 

    Students will attend at their home school during 5th period with an after-school component. 

    This course is a 10 unit semester course. Students are required to complete additional Google Classroom Assignments during the semester.