• Law Enforcement Services-Course 2: Crime Scene/Introduction to Forensic Science

    Open to grades 9-12


    Prerequisite: Law Enforcement Services-Course 1


    This intermediate level course provides students an introduction to the field of forensic science. The course will introduce the students to crime scene investigation, photographing of the crime scene, collection and preservation of evidence, and fingerprint techniques including comparison, rolling of pints, pattern identification and the Henry Classification. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the history of forensic science and how scientific evidence is used in court. Students will learn their CPR and first aid certification. Students will become familiar with the Police Officer Stndard. Students will compete in law enforcement competition opportunities during the year. (Skills USA) 

    Tues/Thurs 3:45pm-6:00pm    

    10 Credits   UC "g" College-Prep/Interdisciplinary

    Somerset High School

    This course is a 10 unit semester course. Students are required to complete additional Google Classroom Assignments during the semester.