Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Positive Attitude
    • We will demonstrate a growth mindset by setting goals based on feedback
    • We will exhibit grit by showing perseverance on difficult classroom assignments


    Accept Responsibility

    • We will be a good citizen by following school rules and participating in outreach opportunities
    • We will show integrity by avoiding cheating and plagiarism as well as using technology for academic purposes only
    • We will become “expert learners” who understand, communicate, and act upon our educational needs


    Willing to Learn

    • We will actively listen and ask questions in classroom activities to clarify our understanding
    • We will complete all individual and group assignments with precision and efficiency


    Show Respect

    • We will communicate effectively by listening to other’s ideas, disagreeing politely, and offering sound evidence to support our assertions
    • We will be kind to others when engaging in classroom and extracurricular activities