At Frank E. Woodruff Elementary School, we supply learning materials for all students.  With the increase of technolgy, one personal item your student will need is a set of earbuds.  Students are working on individual devices throughout the day and earbuds assist with technology access.  Fifth and sixth grade students will also need to purchase a student planner for $5.00.  Planners can be purchased in the classroom or school office.  If you choose to send personal supplies with your child, here are some suggestions:  

    Suggested Supply List

    Kindergarten through Third grades:

    1 24-pack of Crayola crayons

    1 8 or 10 count Crayola markers (not fine tip)

    1 box of Expo Dry Erase markers

    1 box primary size pencils with erasers

    1 box regular size pencils with erasers

    Elmer’s glue sticks

    Elmer’s white glue (8 oz. bottle)


    2 folders- solid color only

    2 boxes of #2 pencils


    1 pencil sharpener with lid


    1 highlighter

    1 pencil box

    1 wide rule spiral notebook



    Fourth through Sixth Grades:


    Pencils and Erasers

    3 Elmer’s glue sticks

    2 large packs of notebook filler paper

    4 spiral notebooks - 70 pages - wide rule

    1 12-count Crayola colored pencils

    1 24-count Crayola crayons

    1 3-ring binder, 1” wide

    2 highlighters

    1 pencil sharpener with lid

    1 package thick point Expo Dry Erase Markers (dark)


    2 packs (8-10 count) felt tip markers-1 thick & 1 thin


    1 white board eraser