• Classes Offered

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    Aqua Splashlearn watercolor techniques to create artwork

    Chem Kidz make your own desiccators, Elephant toothpaste,   and grow copper sulfate crystals

    Code Craftersunderstand the basic concepts of computer coding through a hands on step-by-step process to build a robot droid using Little Bits technology

    Comic Book Creators: Superheroesbrainstorm and create your own comic book character and get to keep a professionally edited comic book

    Creative Sculpturemake figurines, mosaics, multi-media sculpture and more while learning about famous sculptures like Jeffrey Koons, Kenneth Price & Walter Furlan

    Creative Studiolearn about the fundamentals in studio art   and the different art movements such as Impressionism, Orphism and Surrealism

    Epic Engineerapply the scientific method of engineering, basic architectural designs and building concepts to create catapults, bridges, rollercoasters, and mazes

    Graphic Designunderstand design concepts in merging text and images to create art used in commercial media

    Kids Cooking Academy: Cooking Around the World acquire basic culinary skills and learn about nutrition, dining etiquette and cooperation skills

    Lego Masterswork in teams, solve problems and create solutions while exploring your creativity using Lego bricks

    Marine Biology discover the diversity of ocean life; observe dissections of a lamprey eel, crayfish and even a shark

    Mini Medicsknow more about medical careers and learn how the organ system functions

    Robot Workshop: Car Creatorgain knowledge of motors and gears to create cool vehicles such as Solar Racer, Balloon Buggy and the Camaro concept car

    Robot Workshop: Green Sciencediscover renewable energy resources that make our planet greener as you build windmills, solar boats and hydro-cars

    Rocket Racers learn about Aerodynamic forces, concepts and prototype design and build five different types of rockets

    Sewing & Embroidery - learn how to hand sew, embroider, patch and embellish clothing. Create projects like felt coin bags, mini apple pillows and calico/plaid bears

    STEAMLab: Inventor’s Workshopthink outside the box as you come up with your own contraptions and inventions

    TechKidz: Video Game Design design and modify your own arcade style video game using Roblox, Hopscotch, Sploder and more

    World of Artexplore artists, techniques and cultures through various art projects.  Be inspired by different artists from around the world and use your imagination   to create your own masterpiece