• Available GATE Programs for 2018

    Code Crafters—An experiment-based program designed to spark scientific curiosity and interest in the world of computer coding and robotics.

    Discovery Science—Students will have hands on experiences with different aspects of science.

    Health Culinary Workshop—Students work with a professional Chef Teacher to learn basic culinary skills and discover the origin and culture behind cuisine.

    Illustration Station—Professional sketching techniques, creative writing, and illustration.

    Let’s Get Scientific—Students explore zoology, the science of energy, ocean life, a little chemistry, the laws of motion, and the quest for alternative   energy sources.

    NASA—Space Academy of Future Space  Explorers. Follow stellar life cycles, steer a laser beam through a laser maze and build your own Skyblazer II Rocket to take home.

    Reaction Time—Chemistry concepts and experiments.  Each class takes the students through the scientific method to answer the question of the day in a logistical manner.

    Renewable Energy—Engineering practices. Students will build and test solar-powered cars, boats, and wind-driven turbines.

    Robotics— Complete complex tasks and obstacles while building mechanical and robotic devices that obey commands.

    Rocket Racers—Aerodynamics forces, concepts, and prototype building.

    Spotlight Kids Theater—Improvisation acting class for kids is done in  a fun and engaging atmosphere.