• Available GATE Programs for 2020-2021

    Aqua Splash – learn watercolor techniques to create artwork

    Comic Book Creators: The Future – brainstorm and create a comic book character that will explore the future and get to keep a professionally edited and put together comic book

    Creative Studio – discover fine art using clay, pastels, paint and watercolor

    Did Someone Say Science? – explore physical and chemical reactions, learn about conductors, insulators, transistors and other elements of circuit electricity

    E4 Coder- program a virtual robot inside of VEX VR and have the robots navigate and conquer Virtual Obstacle Courses

    Epic Engineering – understand engineering design, its process as well as prototype building

    Graphic Design – learn about design concepts and create different prototyping projects

    Illustration Station – learn professional sketching techniques, creative writing and illustration

    Lego Robotics – build new and different projects from simple machines to robotics with programming, while learning about engineering principles such as gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys

    Marine and Wildlife Biology – discover the diversity of ocean life, participate in virtual dissections of a squid, mackerel and dogfish shark.  Learn about animal’s natural habitat and learn techniques for locating and tracking animals in the wild

    Mini Medics – know more about medical careers and learn how the organ system functions.

    Mini Monet Watercolor & Drawing – learn basic drawing and painting techniques in this beginner based class to create beautiful mixed media masterpieces

    Mock Trial, Public Speaking & Debate – walk and talk with assuredness and purpose, overcome jitters and deliver speeches with confidence

    NASA Space Academy of Future Space Explorers – discover the solar system and experience astronaut life, participate in building a mission and a Skyblazer II rocket

    Puzzle Adventure – work in teams to solve brain teasers, riddle, math & logic puzzles similar to being in a mini escape room

    Rocket Racers – learn about Aerodynamic forces, concepts and prototype design

    Reaction Time – learn the states of matter and chemistry concept

    Radical, Mad-ical Science – unearth the science of entomology or the study of bugs, investigate and analyze crime scene evidence, dig into earth science and conduct hands-on experiments to understand how and why weather occurs

    STEAMLab Architecture Academy – build iconic models and learn basic drafting, scale, symmetry, proportion and geometry

    TechKidz: Coding Wizards – create animations, programs and games with MIT’s Scratch programming

    Technical Illustration – learn technical skills and composition concepts