• School Administration

    Principal Ama Holmes

    Welcome to Esther Lindstrom Elementary School, a California Distinguished School, and a great place to grow and learn. I am excited and honored be your new Principal and I welcome you to a fun and productive year of setting and realizing our goals, developing and achieving academic excellence.

    At Lindstrom, our wonderful, dedicated team of educators, staff and I work together to support each child’s individual journey of social and emotional development and high academic achievement. We are committed to providing a safe environment where students feel confident and comfortable to always try their best. We encourage our scholars to set, pursue and achieve their personal and academic goals and we challenge them to push themselves to improve and learn something new each and every day. 

    In addition to the California Common Core Standards based curriculum that we teach, we prepare our scholars for a path to college and successful futures. We equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century. These skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, technology, initiative and leadership are evident in our classrooms as well as on our playground and throughout our school. Our students show respect and commitment and they hold fast to their daily morning pledge to ROAR: be Respectful, Only do their best, Always be safe and be Responsible.

    Our Lindstrom parents are an integral part of our school community and their involvement, commitment and support demonstrates to our scholars the high value that we share for their education and development. Parent groups such as PTA and School Site Council work tirelessly to discuss ideas, plan events and activities and provide the best opportunities for all students. These experiences truly make each Lindstrom student’s elementary school experience memorable and remarkable.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lindstrom Pride and I welcome all parents to reach out to me anytime with any questions or concerns. Let’s grow together to achieve greatness this year at Esther Lindstrom Elementary School. – Go Lions!  


    Ama Holmes M.Ed.


  • Lindstrom Principal Ama Holmes