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Happy New Year!  I am truly privileged to welcome everyone into this new calendar year as the Board President for the Bellflower Unified School District.  As Governing Board President, I am looking forward to continue the progression of “Excellence” for our students, parents, and staff members. I am also pleased to be able to serve all three of our communities within the BUSD school boundaries. As we begin this new calendar year, let me reinforce some important facts and thoughts that will continue to produce an exciting year for the students of BUSD.

Our District currently serves a student population of approximately 13,000 K-12 students, within an eight square mile area in southeast Los Angeles County. It includes most of Bellflower, a large portion of Lakewood and a small portion of Cerritos. Several of our schools have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools, three have been honored as National Blue Ribbon Schools and two were acknowledged as Title I Achievement Schools.  Somerset Continuation High School has recently received its fifth commendation as a California Model Continuation High School. The district also includes an alternative education program, and a Home Education/Independent Study Program, while also serving pre-school students in Head Start.

New programs being offered this school year that I am excited about and am very proud to have been part of bringing to BUSD are the Dual Language Program for Kindergarten students at the ILC, and a Mandarin Enrichment class for students attending the Home Education/Independent Study Program. Both are exciting new language learning pathways for our students, and growing in popularity.

Bellflower USD continues to offer quality programs and services within safe and clean facilities. It is because of the efforts of the certificated and classified staff that our classrooms are engaging and in well-kept condition for our students to enter each and every day.

The Board of Education and I desire to maintain high quality programs and beautiful facilities while continuing to keep a balanced budget. We are continually looking for ways to strengthen our services and support programs in order to improve student learning. As you may know, many of our school facilities have been in need of upgrades and improvements to keep pace with the “Standard of Excellence.” With the passage of Measure BB last November, I along with the Governing Board, look forward to making improvements that provide even higher levels of school learning environments for our children. Thank you for your support in passing such a valuable bond measure.

School campuses that are safe and orderly also continue to be a top priority for me and my board colleagues. This is seen with each of our schools having a comprehensive Safe School Plan that is updated annually, Anti-Bullying Themes, and Character Education Programs K-12. Each of these creates and sustains a positive and safe learning environment conducive to excellence. As Board President, I will also enforce a zero tolerance policy for drugs and weapons.

As we move into a new era of California Common Core Standards the Board and I will be actively involved with sustaining clear academic learning standards at every grade level, stronger curriculum guides, textbooks for every student, and having our teachers teaching fundamentals that will empower students to become active lifelong learners.  Our students are at the center of all of our decisions, goals, and strategic actions. The Board and I pride ourselves on being student centered, and have high expectations for them. We want every student to meet the “Standard of Excellence; Nothing Less.”

Debbie Cuadros
President, Board of Education